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3.1 inch 480x800 serial screen RS232 signal interface LCD display module UART board
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  • 3.1 inch 480x800 RS232 signal interface IPS LCD with UART board
    Resolution: 480x800
    Stock for sale and never end of supply.

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Product Specifications

Catagory:UART display
Viewing Angle:Free V.A
Brightness:350 nits
Active Area:40.32*67.20

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1. Product name: 3.1 inch 480x800 serial screen RS232 signal interface LCD display module UART board

2. Part No.: KD031WVFPD002-C001A-RS232

3. Size.: 3.1 inch

4. With touch panel or not: Yes

5. Display type: IPS

6. Display colors: 65K/16.7M

7. Resolution (pixels): 480x800

8. Display Rotation: Support rotation in 90 or 270 degrees

9. Pixel pitch: 0.084(H)*0.084(V)

10. Viewing direction: Free V.A

11. Display mode: Transmissive/Normally Black

12. Overall size: 62.80*86.80*19.50mm

13. Viewing area: 41.12*68.00mm

14. Active area: 40.32*67.20mm

15. Driver IC: ST7701S

16. Luminance: 350cd/m²

17. Contrast: 1000∶1

18. Interface type: RS232

19. Input voltage: 5V

20. Backlight type and color: LED backlight White

21. Backlight: 6 LEDs, 40mA, 9.6±0.3V

22. LED life time: 50000h

23. Operating temperature range: -20℃~+70

24. Storage temperature range: -30℃~+80

25. Compliant: RoHS / Reach

26. Certification of registration: ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF16949


CTP Feature:

1. Principle: Projective

2. Transparency: ≥85%

3. Haze: ≤3%

4. Hardness: ≥6H

5. Touch point: five points

6. Structure: G+G

7. Driver IC: GT911

8. Interface: IIC

9. Operating system support: Linux, Android

10. Compliant: RoHS / Reach

11. Certification of registration: ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, IATF16949


UART Features: 

1. Support RS232/RS485/TTL

2. Flash memory: 128M-byte

3. Support Touch panel version

4. Support Modbus RTU Protocol

5. Support Baudrate 115200 bps

6. Support Speaker port

7. Support RTC port

8. Support SD card to update firmware

9. Support Type-C power port

10. Rotation in 90 or 270 degrees

11. GUI editor is free available

12. Power charge: 5V

13. Outline dimension: 41.52*58.76mm

UART Features and Pin Assignment:  RS232/RS485/TTL






PIC 1:The photo of the the working LCD Module


PIC 2:The photo of the non-working LCD Module

PIC 3:The photo of the back of LCD Module

PIC 4:Outline dimension


Samples (1-30PCS)                immediately

31-100 PCS                              1 week

101-500 PCS                            1-2 weeks

501-1000 PCS                           2-5 weeks

1001-5000 PCS                         4-5 weeks

5000+ PCS                               5-7 weeks




Construction of a New Production Base in Huizhou City

The New production base of STARTEK in Huizhou is located in Building 21, Erix Science and Technology Industrial Park, 

Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City. The project has 14 floors in total, with 1200 square meters per floor and 

16800 square meters in total.

The completion of the new base will not only further expand the production scale, further dominate the product advantages, 

achieve scale efficiency, but also greatly improve the LCD display industrial level, improve customer satisfaction.




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1. How to understand Stock for Sale.

Answer:According to the company regulation, each standard product must be kept the stock of 1000-5000pcs.

When the stock is less than 1000 pcs, we will put it into production at once instead of waiting for the orders. When the stock are more than 5000 pcs, the production must be stopped.

Appropriate stock is a very good support for the customer’s sampling and trial production demand.

The appropriate stock is also a guarantee of the quality. The production of the stock is always having more time than the production of the order. We have enough time to do more checking and to consider all the possible factors affecting the quality, what’s more, in case that our products has been found a problem at the customer’s production, we have the stocked ones to do the replacement.

The appropriate stock is also a good way to reduce the cost. In busy seasons, we can produce the orders, while in free seasons, we can produce the stock. By this way, the labor source is maximumly used. At the same time, in free season, the materials can be bought at lower price.

2. How does Startek do for Never End of Supply?

Answer:EOL(End of Life) is largely because of end of life of  the raw materials

When the EOL of the raw materials such as drivers and LCD panels happens, we can place a very large order with the supplier which may cover the consumption of one or two year. This large order is enough for the supplier to restart the production.   

On the other hand, we can develop the replacement product which is mechanically and functionally the same as the previous one. For the customer, only software will be changed a little while the hardware will remain the same.

For instance, about 4 years, Ilitek declared EOL for ILI9325C, but we bought 300k in one lot although our demand is 50k only. We kept 250k in stock for future use. So far we make Ilitek restart the production exclusively for us for 5 times. By now the products with the driver of ILI9325C is still normally supplied in our company.  

Another instance is related to 3.0 inch 240*400 panel. About two years ago, the supplier declared EOL. We get another supplier copied this product with a low MOQ purchase agreement. Now KD030C-1, KD030C-2 and KD030C-3 (3 inch) are well available in our factory. 

Startek has built comprehensive relationships with the supplier such as LG, Hannstar and BOE and we can get the EOL products through our special channel to guarantee the continuous supply.

In LCD industry, due to the quick update of the technology, never end of supply is hard, but so far, Startek has never disappointed any customer.

Once the customer chooses us, we will offer the unchanged service till the end. Long-time relationship and mutual trust are our target and we hate well beginning but bad ending.   

3. How to understand No MOQ?

Answer:The quantity of the order is decided by the market. As a supplier, we have no right to request the order must be more than any quantity. We have no MOQ request, a single piece is also a good order for us.

In another way, our products are always having stock, we don’t need to start the production for a small quantity, and we are capable enough of accepting the small orders.

However, if the quantity is small, the price will be higher.

4. How to understand in Full Range.

Answer:In full range means that our products are in great variety. We have what other manufacturers have, and we have what they don’t have. The customer is easy to find what they want in our product group. Like Walmart instead of Seven Eleven, all kinds of the products are placed before us and it is easy to attract the customers to come, so we like going shopping in Walmart, but we don’t like to go to Seven Eleven.

5. Will Startek go bankrupted?

Answer:Startek will never go bankrupted.

Startek has thousands of customers from different industries. The growth of Startek does not rely on any special customer.

Many customers are from Medical equipment and mechanical industry. These industries have long lifespan, their products are of long longevity. Some of these buyers signed more-than-10-year supplying contract with us.

We have a good cash reserve which can cover 10 years’expense in the condition of 0 order.

We have a strong mind of strategy, we have 5 years’ plan, 10 years’plan and 50 years’ plan.

 6. How does Startek guarantee the quality? 

Answer: Startek has passed ISO9001:2008 certification. ISO principle is carried out in daily activities. The quality is strictly controlled in designing, material incoming, production process, equipment, management and checking and the rejects are not allowed to flow at any circumstances.

Startek has thousands of customers, in many cases, one product is being used by many customers. If one product is used by many factories, the quality is believable because most of the problems were solved already.

The Startek is following the quality standards from automotive industry. Special attention is paid to the capacity of anti-high-temperature, anti-shock and aftersales reliability. We don’t fear the rejects on the production line, we badly fear the rejects at the final consumer’s hand. Solving such kind of rejects are most costly. Startek is always pursuing 0 aftersales reject, so we adopted the strictest quality standards.   

7. Why are Startek’s products higher in price?

Answer: The LCD quality has three standards: 1.consuming standards.2.Industrial standards 3.Automotive standards. Automotive standards are the highest grade which require the strong anti-shock capacity, anti-high-temperature capacity, high reliability and very low rate of reject. To follow automotive standards, we have to select the best raw materials, and bring in the most expensive equipment and very tough management, so our cost is higher.

In fact, our higher price is only manifested in samples. If the quantity is higher or the cooperation time is long, as long as the customer files the price request, the favorable price can be available after negotiation.

8. How long can we expect the samples?

Answer: Immediately in most of the cases.

英文口号 3句-恢复的.jpg

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